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We are a group of farmers who saw the need to help one another improve our livelihood by directly offering our harvest to the community.

Our concept of “farm to table” enables us to stabilize our farm earning. By directly bringing our harvest to your table we are able to offer a competitive price. Shortening the time from harvest to your table enable you to enjoy them fresh.

Our Filipino name “barakas” came from the root word “baraka” or “pamilihan”. The market place for fresh and sustainable produce.

In Arabic and Hebrew our name means “blessing”. A  blessing to whoever we touch in our journey.

Our Why

Our Vision

To see our partner farmers  uplifted from poverty.

Our Mission

For our partner farmers to earn an honest, decent, sustainable and livable income by directly bringing our produce to the buying public. It is our commitment to our customers that  we will only deliver  products and services according to their expectations.

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